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Review 1 for LC60E69U
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Great Value!!
February 1, 2012
, Sacramento, CA
Pros: great picture, great value, beautiful finish
Cons: average sound quality, not many settings, no usb input for media (usb port only for service)
I bought this TV just over a month ago and I am totally loving it! Even though it doesn't come with the latest "bells and whistles" such as WiFi, it's as simple as hooking up an internet ready device like a Blu-Ray player for online streaming. I am using an HTPC (Home Theater PC) with mine. My friends already envy me as they paid more for smaller TVs with equivalent picture quality.
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Review 2 for LC60E69U
Overall Rating: 
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
January 3, 2012
, Orange, CA
Pros: great value, natural color balance, outstanding pc performance
Cons: narrow viewing angle, high energy usage, high heat output, heavy compared to led sharps, 120hz motion much smoother on higher end sharps
This 60 inch set is available for a very competitive price for such a large screen TV. For casual viewers or those that are not interested in obtaining the best picture quality currently available, this set will more than surfice. The fluorescent backlight seems to provide a very natural white balance. The whites in the picture appear very natural, neither looking blue, green, or pink tinted as seen on some other LED backlighted sets. This set is a replacement for a 52 inch sized set. It is a very noticable increase in image size which makes viewing so much more pleasurable.
The low price point does entail compromises however. The 120hz motion can be easily overwhelmed when displaying highly detailed complex scenes where there is fast motion present such as seen in Car2 Blu-Ray. The higher end Sharps display this type of material in a much smoother manner. Other performance compromises include a very narrow viewing angle. The picture is very washed out looking for even slightly off axis viewing locations. As a compromise, the washout can be lessened by setting the brightness level a bit lower, but this could lower the black level detail if overdone. The set outputs a lot of heat and uses at least twice as much energy as a LED set. The LED Sharps are also about 20 pounds lighter making them easiler to move.
A big surprise is that this Sharp is awesome displaying a PC signal through the HDMI input. The picture quality would be hard to surpass. Unlike most LCD TV I have tried for this purpose, text and CAD drawings are displayed with no smearing of any colors. False color smearing would be highly visible, if there were any to be seen on a large screen of this size. This performance is unequaled by sets by Toshiba, Westinghouse, Samsung, Sceptre, and Vizio that I have tried to use for this purpose. An amazing acheivement.
If your budget can handle it, I would recommend the higher end Sharps for their additional refinements.
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Review 3 for LC60E69U
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
A quality product at a "steal of a price" !!
December 9, 2011
, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pros: price/quality, picture, 1080p/120 mhz everything the others have
Cons: none considering the price of this tv.
Was looking at Sharp's other 60-70" LED TV's wanting to move up from our Samsung 46" LCD. We looked at their newer 70" Quattron Aquos and although impressed, the prices gave us pause... ($2,500-$2,900 depending on 120 Mhz or 240 Mhz). While looking, my wife happened to look over and see this Sharp 60" (LC-60E69U), listed for $799.00 at our local Big Box store... The quality of the picture was amazing! I asked the salesman to turn the channel so that it matched the same game showing on the 70" ones. We kept turning, looking at the 70" TV's and then back again to this TV, comparing the pictures. I asked the salesman why the price difference? 1.), it was an LCD and not LED, and 2.), it was what he called a "Holiday TV"..., (a loss leader), that didn't have all the latest bells & whistles. (I must add at this time that the sale at this price ended the next day and this TV was regularly $1,200 and up at most merchants in the area and on the internet). It is also interesting to note that this TV was not shown to us when we first came in and had my wife not seen it, we would have never known. I went home to research the TV and could not find many reviews on it but the ones I did were all extremely complimentary. This TV had all the things you look for in a quality TV and the picture was excellent! In fact, we kept looking back and forth and both my wife and I had to say it was hard to justify paying 2K more just to go to an LED even if it had a new 4th color, (yellow) Quattron Plus, as the quality of the picture was as good as our top-of-the line 46" Samsung LCD at home. Bottom line, the price difference was "way" too much to overlook, the picture differences almost imperceptible to even a semi-geek, and LCD was still perfectly "OK" in our book. We came back the next day and bought "2" of these TV's, one for us, and one for my wife's mother as a Christmas present. When you set it up, you will have to change the picture settings to suit your individual taste, (easy to do w/ step-by-step instructions). I found I naturally gravitated to a viewing seat in our living room that was about 4ft. farther away than I used to sit, and the picture quality was every bit as good as that 46" top of the line Samsung LCD I was telling you about earlier. Folks, we got "2" of these 60"s and "still" saved over $1,000 had we got the one 70" w/ a few more bells & whistles. If you are looking for a large TV, (60" or above), from a quality brand, (Sharp), that has an outstanding picture though not the latest in technology, (LCD vs LED), you really ought to look at this TV. A week in and there is absolutely "NO" buyer remorse, in fact, we keep thinking the picture is better the more we watch it... I honestly think we got a steal and would think that even if it were purchased at a higher price. (fyi, I am fervent at researching the quality and looking at the reviews of anything I purchase before I buy anything of value..., even med-range tools).
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Review 4 for LC60E69U
Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
December 7, 2011
NICE TV I LOVE. VERY NICE TV FOR 899.00 I'll just say that, so far, I'm impressed and don't regret this purchase in the slightest. Only thing I worry about is whether my existing entertainment center is sturdy / stable enough to hold the thing. I might end up buying a new smaller entertainment center that's lower to the ground and designed for the super huge screens, just to be safe. So far, it seem reasonably stable, though. & attaching the base wasn't all the difficult once I got the unit out of the box, which was a bit of a chore as I was ill-advisedly doing so on my own. The actual moving/setup I got help with though. Anyway, attaching the base is just basically inserting a metal bracket into the base and attaching 10 screws, then sliding those brackets attached to the base into the bottom of the TV and screwing in 4 more screw. Done. Pretty painless.
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